Campiglia Marittima

Farmhouse in Campiglia Campiglia Marittima is a small pretty town of the Etruscan Coast , situated on the top of a hill overlooking the sea and the surrounding countryside offering pleasant views. The hamlet of the town is a medieval castle , which still is accessed through three historical doors inserted in the walls. Farmhouse in Campiglia

At the highest point of the town the Rocca of Campiglia , which dates back to the tenth century . The narrow streets that lead to the main square of the village and the small shops encircle the various events that are organized each year


Le Notti dell' archeologia

Extraordinary night openings and events in museums, archaeologic areas and parks; guided visits, shows and workshops for children and adults, meetings and conferences throughout the region take place in July to rediscover the traditions of art, craft, food and wine production.

Apriti Borgo

In the most evocative summer nights, between the night of San Lorenzo and the Ferragosto, the historic centre becames a large and lively outdoor theatre

Cena Medievale

The enchanting setting of the Rocca di Campiglia hosts the “Cena Medievale“, a banquet for more than 100 diners made up of medieval dishes, strictly lacking in any of the ingredients introduced into the diet after the discovery of America. Tables are lit up by torchlight, while dancers and medieval music surround diners. Performances, visual displays, food and wine events, exhibitions and cultural activities will be alternated to recreate an enchanted atmosphere of poetry and magic against the ideal backdrop provided by the medieval village.


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