Holiday home suveretoIt ' a charming medieval village with an Old Town built of stone houses, still collected from the ancient city wall, with historic buildings, picturesque churches and shady kiosks.
In the area of Suvereto winds an important part of the Wine Road of the Etruscan Coast, that one of the Val di Cornia DOC and Suvereto, a fine wine, a meeting point between tradition and innovation, where the local grape varieties such as sangiovese join the cabernet , merlot and the syrah - Holiday home Suvereto Some of the most beautiful wine cellars in the world, appreciated by architects and art critics have been built right in the area of Suvereto.

In the countryside, rich in vineyards and olive groves, there are farms, mills, wineries , farmhouses where you can taste typical products and dishes deriving from a genuine gastronomic tradition.
Many events are organized in Suvereto:

Summer in suvereto
Middle Ages re-enactments with people in costume, medieval coinage, a market of ancient products, knights, musicians and acrobats, as well as weddings in historical dress. There is a sumptuous medieval dinner in the San Francesco cloister, using authentic recipes. In the old town centre there are tastings for passers-by.

Calici di stelle
In collaboration with the Associazione Città del Vino and the Movimento del Turismo del Vino, the two towns organise a food and wine event inviting visitors to taste the wines in special goblets, and to taste various local products.

Palio of the barrels
The Palio of Suvereto is an event that takes place twice a year. It is a competition between teams of "pushers", which takes place through the cobbled streets of the old town. The pairs of pushers put a barrel by 5 kilos of belly and push on the circuit trying to overtake the first, the prize of the Holy Cross, held in May in conjunction patronal feasts while the second falls on the 14th of August and is Emperor called for grabs. Palio is accompanied by food initiatives among which the "Dinner of the Palio in the Cloister of St. Francis

Suvereto festival
It’s an event that has now been repeated for more than 40 years and is renewed in content but does not change its objectives: good food, promotion of local products and the promotion of the territory; all lived in a typically medieval. Stage is the perfect village with narrow streets, small squares, cloisters and its art treasures. Along the way, can be enjoyed interesting exhibitions, street performances will delight visitors, while historical reenactments will arouse admiration. There will be archers, musicians, all symbols of a past world. But sometimes the symbols are more important than things: create them, how they create the festival and its lively atmosphere and festive. Here we celebrate the traditions, are enhanced, as in the ancient vigils, feelings of friendship and hospitality. Many dining options, set up in the historic center, where you can taste typical local recipes based on wild boar , with sausage , steak and slices of roasted polenta . All topped off and washed down , of course , the oil and the wine Suvereto.


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